My research interests are focused on problems related to fluid dynamics and kinetic theory. Specifically, I am currently working on the dissipation enhancement generated by mixing to study quantitatively the following problems: long-time behavior of passive scalars, convergence to given equilibria in hydrodynamic stability problems or in kinetic theory in a weakly collisional regime.

You can find my PhD thesis here, whose title is "Linear stability analysis of stationary Euler flows for passive scalars and inhomogeneous fluids".

Here is a list of my papers:

  1. Bianchini, R., Coti Zelati, M. & Dolce, M. Symmetrization and asymptotic stability in non-homogeneous fluids around stratified shear flows, Séminaire Laurent Schwartz — EDP et applications (2022).,
  2. Dolce, M. Stability threshold of the 2D Couette flow in a homogeneous magnetic field using symmetric variables (2023).
  3. Coti Zelati, M., Dolce, M. & Lo, C-C Diffusion enhancement and Taylor dispersion for rotationally symmetric flows in discs and pipes (2023).
  4. Bedrossian, J., Coti Zelati, M. & Dolce, M. Taylor dispersion and phase mixing in the non-cutoff Boltzmann equation on the whole space, (2022).
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